30 day weight loss challenge - Day 14: What is your UGW and when do you expect to reach it?

My UGW is 130 which is where I was two years ago. I’m not sure when I expect to get there. Probably mid to late october if everything goes well. :) That’s what I’m hoping for.

30 day weight loss challenge - Day 13: Are you losing weight in a healthy way or in an unhealthy way?

Well I am trying to do it in a healthy way but something I have a hard time finding time to eat so I miss a lot of meals. And up until recently, there was nothing to eat in the house and we didn’t have the money to buy food so I didn’t eat because there simply wasn’t anything to eat.

But now, there’s a lot of fruits in the house to snack on which is great :) There’s good healthy meals too. I am doing my best to do this the healthy way!

30 day weight loss challenge - Day 12: What do you normally eat?

I don’t really have a set meal plan.

When I wake up, I usually eat cereal with 2% milk.

Lunch varies. It’s usually whatever I can heat up quickly. There’s not much time to cook with a baby.

Dinner is usually some sort of meat, usually chicken, baked. A vegetable. and rice.

If I get hungry later, I will eat fruit.

30 day weight loss challenge - Day 11: Favorite thinspo blog and why:


I just love the things she posts :)

30 day weight loss challenge - Day 10: What’s the hardest thing you’ve given up during this weight loss?


I used to eat them every night. I ate like 6-10 cookies in a sitting.

Then I read the box and how many calories are in them.

I think most of my pregnancy weight came from those damn cookies.

30 day weight loss challenge - Day 9: Did people ever make comments about your weight in a negative way?

They used to when I was a kid. I was a chunky little girl from like 5th to 7th grade. It hurt but I got over it. I grew up and it all evened out. I haven’t heard anything else because I haven’t been “fat” since middle school. I’m not thin, I never have been, but I guess I’m not big enough for anyone to comment.

Especially now, everyone knows I just had a baby so they aren’t going to say anything about my baby chub.

30 day weight loss challenge - Day 8: Your workout routine.

With a baby, it’s really hard to find time to work out, a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Right now, I’m not allowed to really work out a lot because I’m still healing from giving birth so I just try to walk a lot like go to the mall and stuff and just keep active. Also, I’m breastfeeding so that burns extra calories in the day.

I’m thinking about trying Insanity once I get the okay from the doctor. I just need to find somewhere to do it though because I don’t think my down stairs neighbors are going to like me jumping around.

30 day weight loss challenge - Day 7: Do your parents know you are trying to lose weight? If you they do, do they care?

I haven’t told them.. I’m sure my mom knows I’m trying to lose the baby weight. She probably doesn’t care.

30 day weight loss challenge - Day 6: Do you binge and if you do, why do you think you do it?

I don’t binge. 

30 day weight loss challenge - Day 5: Why do you really want to lose this weight? Are you doing it for you?

I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy size and hopefully look the way I did before the baby. I can’t do anything about the stretch marks but I can lose the extra weight I gained and get back into my old clothes. That’s my real inspiration because I can’t wear any of my shorts/pants!

I am doing this for me because I don’t like what I see when I look in the mirror. I’m not happy with all this extra weight I’m carrying around or how my face looks in pictures. I feel like it’s too round, especially compared to how it looked before I got pregnant. I want to feel better about myself an just feel better in general.


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